Hioki White Wine Glass Top Marble
Hioki White Wine Glass Top MarbleHioki Wine Glass Marble SwirlHioki Wine Glass Marble SparkleHioki Wine Glass Marble SolidHioki Wine Glass Marble Combination

White Wine Glass with Top Marble Stem


Each one-of-a-kind wine glass is individually blown
Fitting for special occasions
Durable for everyday use
Make great gifts
Made in Grass Valley, California

  • Hand Crafted White¬†Wine Glass
  • Hand Fused Glass Marble
  • Top¬†Marble Location
  • 16 Marble Color Choices
  • 8 1/4″ Tall
  • 10 oz Capacity

All marbles are fused colored glass, not painted
Solids, sparkles, and combinations are inlaid with white
Swirls have a color backing
All marbles are handmade and have a unique individual design
Mix and match to create your own personal collection

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