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Gallicchio Glass Wine Aerator

enhanced bouquet
softer tannins
smoother mouthfeel
refined finish

…your wine, the way it’s intended 

Hioki Stemware

One-of-a-kind wine glasses individually hand blown in Grass Valley, California

The Gallicchio Glass aerator is a hand-blown bottle top aerator designed to “open up” each glass as you pour.

The simple aeration process expands the surface area of wine, allowing it to breathe and release the full flavor and aroma.  You’ll immediately enjoy your wine, as the winemaker intended.

How Does it Work…

The Perfect Gift

Each Gallichio Glass aerator comes beautifully packaged in our signature black box, ready to impress both the wine aficionado and the aspiring wine enthusiast.


I received the aerator as a gift and it is one of the nicest things I’ve ever received. It does the job superbly elevating a nice glass of red to a special occasion. I have been to many wineries and seen a lot of gadgets to aerate wine but the Gallicchio is by far the smartest design I’ve ever seen and at a reasonable cost. I was recently at Cooper Hawk Restaurant and winery and I realized how elegant your aerator is compared to the $200 one they were using and selling. I’ve shared your website with many vintners over the past 6 years. I have purchased several more to share with friends and family to make their enjoyment of wine a little more special. Keep up the good work!



I think this is the *fourth* aerator I’ve bought from Gallicchio. I loved mine so much, I’m giving them to those dear to me to commemorate special events. It’s a beautiful and functional work of art, and is always well received.


Got this for my daughter

Got this for my daughter years ago on a Royal Caribbean cruise. She loved it. Just just recently dropped and broke it. Ordered one to replace it.
Getting ready right now to order my other daughter one.
Love it.


Hioki Marble Stem Wine Glasses

One-of-a-kind wine glasses individually hand blown in Grass Valley, California

Red and White Wine

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